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    Return Home

Long since I have not heard singing of birds
Ďcause of a squeak of wheels of my sun chariots
My odyssey through  the space emptiness
Was lost in the time and I craved for return home
To the blue ancient ball

The time stands firmly in Earth churches
Only people go away
To come again to genesisí source
Without memory about the past

This law generates their
Empty spite and despair
And clips their wings of saving
At the infinite runway

In my lengthy travel I paid my debts
To the Master of Reality
And received as a gift
Seven magic notes
Different colour sounds

The Master discharged me
Not far from a monastery
ď Itís your home ď
He whipped his horses
And dissolved
In gory expense of fairy dawn

I stood on  the porch of the church
And shook off my clothes dust of the stars
And breathed out remainders of
Andromedaís light silvery fog

I will drink a seven-colour rainbow
Like the spirit and Iíll have a snake with snow
I will be naked and Iíll wallow
In the grass with my girl

Iíll go to the blind musicians
Who wonít accuse my conscious
Of the green dirt in my nails
As that witch in the night train

I will lie in the high grass and scrape
A dark intoxicating honey off my body
Then Iíll dream about life of a hermit
In a cave of Carpathian mountain

    My Imperfect World

Oh, God! If youíre bored with me
Throw me where sadness
Where Pilate is a captive of the Moon
Where love gloats over Romeoís grave

Oh, woe is me! My life was maimed
My first love was a girl named Death
Only she sets the date
And gently touches me
And kisses ardently
Curing my sterility

If I could pierce her hymen
Sheíd bear a winged son
He Ďd immortalize Romeo
And say cheerio

Naked childrenís souls dissolved
In the sea of revived Lord
Light-blue lagoon. Near the humid coast
Wings left by men
Retired from the stage
Weíll find gold in sky
But someone in dug graves

Oh, my God! Will you save us
When we are boiling in winter rain
Link our souls up with wedding rings
Mark our shoulders with the Rose of World

Red rain struck us
In a steel bird cage
We canít fly again
Dream of life is torn

Fallen angel ! Our tears are deprived of dew
That feeds those heralds
Who praise to you

At the star Antares
In a hole of female-spider
Iím a lure on thread
Like a sterile seed
Pull me up and down
Being underground
I will love you God
Who said that you died

Draw your self-portrait
And let it be a shield
For an atheist
And a sword for a priest
Your paints and your sword
Will be the Holy Word
Poets must hear it
And call the pagans to the prayer

In strange and faraway dreams
In defiance of wish
We contemplate self-imperishable dust
Fertilizing roots of Rose of Universe
And our souls like bees
Soak up pollen of Rose

    Long Hair

Eyewitness of war
Confide your impression
Tell! Why did you make your son cut his hair
In order to save from fate
Tell us how you buried him
Swearing to revenge on them with glaive for word
Who was left alive after war

Endless steppe and widow
Feather grass on the wind
There are thousands of bodies
Blood and last sighs in the grass

The battle field. Fighting finished at sunset
The harvest hand had gathered its harvest
Mowed down with scythe
Long hair of brothers
Confide your impression
Eyewitness of war

Winged black rats are gliding at heaven
Called up by wind to gather the carrion
Theyíll write no legends about these battles
The high speech was cut down with axes

How weíll know who shed the blood
In the vale of dead
The names of enemies and
The names of heroes are unknown

Why so much blood did
The devil of great power demand and
Why was Allah with a venomous snake
Reflected in the eyes of killed Muslim why?
Why did God wear hippie hair
When he was on the Earth?

We are children of the prophets
We are mail-doves and we can read angelsí letters
From Dreamland on the wing

Infantís eyes like a film
That plays back in Motherís tunnel
Through Fatherís tears
Your first breath was done by God
Breathe in new life and breathe out death
Breathe, breathe warrior Samson

We can cross the ocean of blood
On the slippery tile raft
And praise long hair
Of a militant eastern elder

Life is a snare
If you fall into a trap
You will howl
To the end of your days

    Sable Blinds

The light in a window in depth of the forest
A house by a road is surrounded with mist
Awake and pray
Itís winter rain today

If I die then please grow
On my grave the hemp
Taste its fetus and have a joy

The smell of the lilac
Is the premise of a contact
Of Icarus with Sun and
Body with ground

The forest gasped in a crystal rainstorm
Lightning was as sabers gliding to the trees-sheaths
Animalsí eyes were blazing with tears
Like a meteorite in layers of atmosphere
Who made a wish died fast

The cold sob of night glass heaven
The stars fall in the silence
As the splinters of a mirror
Covered by the sable blinds
Only one can revive who once died
Only death resuscitates
The spirit wings of a suicide sinner

Save the rose in Masterís manuscripts
And kiss the eyes of the crow
That flew above the gloriole of temple
Itíll save the truth for you
Itís winter rain today

The deadman dreamed that
He was alive and in a cold sweat
He awoke at the Snakeís tree
In the Eden Garden
Itís only the dreamís beginning
About the winter rain
Itís only the Serpentís scales
Stuck to the cortex of consciousness

    Recitation for SABLE BLINDS

Listen to a story about a forester
About the winter rain of curse
About fear that consumed the remains of belief
About a womb thereís black first-born chaos waiting beyond
About a suicide proving absence of future
About an oldman at the other side of the mirror of my soul
The time has come
And a bleeding elf knocked on the door

Hereís the squirrel inside a wheel in an invalid chair
Hereís the cruel old blade of propeller
Ferris wheel for a crucified dolphin
Noahís ark has become home for the forester
Thereís a gun embraced with sparks
Above the fire-place in  the hold

The oldmanís muting talk to his sleeping dog
Keeping silence devoted listener nibbling
The silvery skeleton of the moon
The last rib bone will get stuck in his throat
And make him howl sadly
The forester is an ancient reincarnation
Of the captain of ark
The first raindrops soaked up
Coniferous sails of the trees
The time has come
And the wounded elf knocked on the ship door

    Ice Fondness

In layer of ice at ocean floor
The scalpel lies at rest to glow
Itís alive heart of my girl
I touch with lips flashing cold
/ In hope to reach keen blade /

My girl is a doctor
For the first time
I saw her in my dream
There she kissed the creator
Who whistled my songs

For the second time we caught sight
When I came to the hospital
I opened the door and saw her
I moaned as in delirium
Trying to hold on equilibrium
In my headlong falling chariot of mind

Her calm glance enveloped
The frozen mask of my face
As the clouds embraced the top of
Mountain where Eden is
She asked me friendly
Where do you live
What do you complain of
I complain of shaking hands
And my unrequited love for heaven

The doctor smiled and pointed me the door
You came to the wrong place
Here are sterile lamps instead of candles
And no one cries over the laughter
Of mental cases

A year passed. Summer sun
Burnt away my memory
Of love for Snow Queen
With her medical cold sanity
I flew over the night ocean
I was invisible wind
And touched with warmth of inspiration
The naked bodies of bathing men
/ And I saw her again /

As before the symbolic scalpel pulsates at the floor
Who takes it he loses his quiet forever
Blissful night! Itís a pleasant chance of meeting
In bright moonlight. Itís your gift
For exchange of my found freedom

The moon whip is a girlish dreamís desired thing
It speaks to her by the snakeís tongue
Who knows strength of love Ö Who saw

A loving breeze bathing in bliss
Of the crimson lace of sunset over abyss
The breeze lips a moist soft web
Of the virgin bride lying on hospital bed
 The mirror disease

Take me in the way
Along your corridors of winter hospitals
Where patients with the mirror faces
In snowy wards
Take me secretly
Take me in mystery

My flesh is Bible with pictures
Sunlight sealed up the pages
Like a bookmark in fire of scripture
Put the cold stethoscope glaive

In an ancient temple the glaive auscultated me
To my snow cell it put guard to save me
Orionís loop threatens my head
Tomorrow morning I should be dead
An eastern priest with Christ rose filled
My mournful leaf with tears
And I painfully closely felt the hungry emptiness
Like the seal of death in my face

Last hunting in my coma
The red hounds for my soul
Escaping  a fox exciting their anger
I drew them in my astral hole

The master of dogs is the page snow-white rider
Drove his steed along my traces
Left in my diary, diary of proud
Theyíd overtaken me I saw Godís face

ďClose his eyesĒ ordered the rider
He must not see through the sun
He must not scare our hunting
His lie in the past will be true

Iím expiator by vacation
And my father is a healer
Drank all stars from the well of creation
And Iíll drink his tears, amber tears
close  your eyes
The ancient town that was once burnt down in desert
Never had been your home never
Hey, kid! Lift up your sweater
Doctor will test you
Close your eyes close

This is your way
This is your ray
Bringing to light all of my lies
Seeming too real seeming too real
Take me in the way

I washed my hands with dew of injection
In clinic chamber Iíve grown Christ Rose
Tenderly petals sway like fish in ocean
And thorns don't pierce gardenerís fingers
In my head thereís a mirror disease
Who can see it see his own reflection
And who is blind calls up from abyss
The seeing eye dogs, sly and rapacious